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Communication & Networks in the Nervous System
Team "Physiology of neural networks"

Main theme

Research in our team is focused on the understanding of synaptic properties underlying functional organization in neuronal microcircuits. Our main goal is to identify operational modes of normal and pathological information processing in modules of cerebellum cortex and olfactory bulb. We combine different type of techniques, including in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology, molecular biology, two photon imaging imaging and optogenetic.

illustration Staning of an acute cerebellar slice of glyt2 mice (U Zeilhofer) stained by Zebrin II antibody (R Hawkes, Calgary) illustrating cerebellar modules.


Unraveling the modular information processing in the cerebellar cortex in normal and pathological conditions
Project leader: Philippe ISOPE

Molecular mechanisms of neurotransmitter release in the cerebellar cortex
Project leaders: Frédéric DOUSSAU & Jean-Louis BOSSU

Synaptic interactions and circuits in olfactory bulb glomeruli
Project leader: Didier DESAINTJAN

Neurotoxic peptides
Project leaders: Jean DE BARRY & Bernard POULAIN

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