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Team "Physiology of neural networks"

Unraveling the modular information processing in the cerebellar cortex in normal and pathological conditions

Project leader : Philippe ISOPE


The cerebellum plays a major role in the control and learning of skilled movements. Despite its macroscopic isotropy, the cerebellar cortex is compartmentalized into biochemically- and functionally-defined modules. Indeed, Purkinje cells belong to multiple classes that form an array of transverse zones and parasagittal stripes, which can be identified by histochemical markers called Zebrins. Functional studies have demonstrated that task-related modules can be identified and selectively modified.


The main goal of our work is to identify operational modes of the unitary functional module in the cerebellar cortex.

  • How is information processing in cerebellar columns related to microzonal organization and Zebrin band patterning?
  • How is specific information channelled in the cerebellar cortical module and coordinated with neighbouring modules?
  • How do cells of the cerebellar nuclei integrate information from PCs of one defined cerebellar cortical module?

To address these issues, we will combine electrophysiological recordings with imaging and optogenetic techniques in rodent cerebellum slices or in vivo. Use of the mice expressing ChannelRhodopsin (ChR2) or halorhodopsine (eNpHRx) in Purkinje cells (currently developed in the team) will allow optical manipulation of post-synaptic membrane potential of a small group of PCs.



Zebrin bands can be used to identified cerebellar modules. Pictures highlight immunohistochemical and transgenic tools used in our lab, the drawing the type of experiment performed in the lab.



  • Electrophysiology in vitro and in vivo
  • Two Photon imaging
  • Optogenetic
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