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Team "Physiology of neural networks"

Unraveling the modular information processing in the cerebellar cortex in normal and pathological conditions


Team leader: Philippe ISOPE

The cerebellum plays a major role in the control (and learning) of skilled movements, and in the timing of our actions. Despite its macroscopic isotropy, the cerebellar cortex is compartmentalized into biochemically- and functionally-defined modules. Indeed, Purkinje cells belong to multiple classes that form an array of transverse zones and parasagittal stripes, which can be identified by histochemical markers called Zebrins. Functional studies have demonstrated that task-related modules can be identified and selectively modified.

The main goal of our work is to (1) identify the operational modes controlling the functional synaptic organization in cerebellar modules, (2) to understand how cerebellar modules influence motor coordination and the sequencing of actions. We study in vitro and in vivo. Our main questions are: How is spatial and temporal information processed in cerebellar modules? See Valera et al, J Neurosci 2012, Valera et al, eLife 2016, Binda et al, Sci Reports 2016, Doussau et al, eLife 2017 How is specific information communicated to other brain areas? Voir Chaumont et al, PNAS 2013, Proville et al, Nat Neuro 2014.


To address these issues, we combine electrophysiological recordings with imaging and optogenetic techniques in rodent cerebellum slices or in vivo (awake animals).




photo Cerebellar slice of a glyt2 mice (green, Glyt2 positive Golgi cells; blue, neurogranin positive Golgi cells) stained by a Zebrin II antibody (red, Aldolase C positive Purkinje cells, antibody from R Hawkes, Calgary) illustrating cerebellar modules.
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