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Nociception & Pain
Team "Neuroanatomy, pain & psychopathologies"

Main theme

Our researches concern chronic pain, with a focus on neuropathic pain that arises as a consequence of a lesion or disease of the nervous system. We are studying its treatments, in particular by antidepressant drugs, as well as its affective and anxio-depressive consequences.

We also have strong expertise in neuroanatomy, and are studying brain circuits underlying the various components of pain, of emotions and of the control of aminergic systems.


Neuropathic pain treatments
Project leader: Michel BARROT

Affective consequences of chronic pain
Project leader: Ipek YALCIN

Neuroanatomy of brain circuits
Project leader: Pierre VEINANTE

The tVTA, a control center for dopaminergic systems
Project leader: Michel BARROT

Opioid receptors
Project leader: Dominique MASSOTTE

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