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Neurobiology of Rhythms
Team "Light, vision & the brain"

Main theme

Our team is interested in the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of retinal physiology and pathology, and its functional connections with the brain. The group is especially interested in how particular cell properties and cell-cell interactions govern the development, maintenance, survival, function, aging and disease of the retina, and how the retina integrates these processes to deliver information to brain regions controlling the circadian clock and vision.


Functional organisation of retinal clock(s)
Project leader: Marie-Paule FELDER-SCHMITTBUHL


Retinal disease, central vision loss and pathophysiology of cone photoreceptors
Project leader: David HICKS


Regulation and function of retinal melatonin
Project leader: Virginie LAURENT-GYDÉ


Light-entrained brain circadian clocks: regulation of motivated behaviors
Chef de projet : Jorge MENDOZA


Cholesterol metabolism in retinal health and disease
Project leader: Frank PFRIEGER


Neuron-glia interactions and retino-collicular map formation
Project leader: Michael REBER

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