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Institut des Neurosciences Cellulaires et Intégratives
Institute of Cellular and Integrative Neurosciences
Organization chart

Director: Michel Barrot
Marie-France Bader


Administration and Financial Direction


Communication & Networks in the Nervous System


Nociception & Pain


Neurobiology of Rhythms

Research Teams

Intracellular membrane trafficking in the nervous & neuroendocrine systems

Team leaders: Stéphane GASMAN & Nicolas VITALE


Physiology of neural networks

Team leaders: Philippe ISOPE


Research Teams

Nociceptive signalling in the spinal cord

Team leader: Rémy SCHLICHTER


Plasticity of pain controls

Team leader: Pierrick POISBEAU


Neuroanatomy, pain & psychopathologies

Team leader: Michel BARROT & Ipek YALCIN

Research Teams

Light, vision & the brain

Team leaders: Marie-Paule FELDER-SCHMITTBUHL & Frank PFRIGER


Circadian clocks & metabolism

Team leader: Etienne CHALLET


Neuroendocrine rhythms in reproduction

Team leader: Valérie SIMONNEAUX


Light, circadian rhythms, sleep homeostasis & neuropsychiatry

Team leader: Patrice BOURGIN



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